Tashia P

Rockhound - What I Learned in this Unit


1.I learned that igneous rock is made from cooling magma. Volcanoes have to erupt before Igneous Rock is formed. Three types of Igneous Rock are Pumice, Basalt and Granite.


2.I learned that minerals are used in many ways. Gold and Diamond are used for jewelry. Marble is used for tiles.


3. Sedimentary Rock is formed from seabeds. Sediments have to fall to the bottom of the seabeds and the water has to dry up to make Sedimentary Rock. Three types of Sedimentary Rocks are Limestone, Shale and Sandstone.


4.I learned that there are three types of Rocks. The three types of Rocks are Senimentary,Igneous andMetamorphic Rock. These Rocks are found all over the world.


5. I learned that Fossils are formed over thousands of years. Fossils are found in Sedimentary Rock. The most common fossils are shells and leaves.


What I want to learn about is how many igneous rocks are there. To find info I would go to http://en.wikipedia.org to find Igneous Rocks.