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Tanner B

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Rockhound - What I Learned in this Unit


1. I learned that Metamorphic Rock was once Igneous or Sedimentary Rock. Heat and pressure change the rock. An example of Metamorphic and sedimentary.


2. I learned that Igneous Rock was made from cooling magma. Magma comes from a volcano. When the magma comes out of the volcano it is called lava.


3. I learned that gemstones are related to your birthstone. My birthstone for March is Aquamarine.


4. I learned that fossils are formed over thousands of years. Fossils are found in Sedimentary Rock. A fossil is the remains, trace or imprint of a plant or animals that has been preserved in the Earth's crust.


5. I learned that water can erode rocks. Erosion is where materials of the Earth's crust are loosened, dissolved, worn away, or moved from one place to another by natural means.



I still want to learn about I want to learn about volcanoes

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