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Selena D

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****Rockhound - What I Learned in this Unit******

I learned that Igneous rock is formed from volcano’s. Igneous rock forms when the magma cools. Igneous rock can also go into the river to cool off.


2.I learned that rocks are shaped by erosion. It takes a long time to get a rock to change it’s form. When erosion changes rocks it can change it to various shapes


3. I learned that diamonds are the hardest mineral. They are also very expensive. Diamonds are used for a lot of jewelry.


4. I learned that worms are important to the earth. Worms eat the earth and make it rich. Worms come out when it rains that’s why you see so many worms when it rains!


5. I learned that there are various types of Igneous rock. There is Pumice, Basalt, and Granite.There are alout of other igneous rocks but those are three of them.

-What I want to learn more about

What I want to learn more about is volcano's. I will go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volcanoto find out

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