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Ryan K

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Rockhound - What I Learned in this Unit


1. I learned that volcanoes form from plates movement. Volcanos form when the plates push together and one goes on top and one goes under. Igneous rock is formed from volcanos.


2. I learned that there are three types of rock metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rock. Metamorphic rock is formed from heat and preasure. Sedimentary rock is formed by sediments in the water pressed together. Igneous rock is formed from cooled magma.


3. I learned that there are two kinds of mines. Open pit mines and under ground mines. Open pit mines are a big pit in the earth that you mine in. Under ground mines are where you dig and mine in shafts.


4. I learned that diamonds are the hardest mineral. Diamonds are good for scratching things because they are so hard. Diamonds are also used for jewelery.


5. I learned that a rock can float. The rock that can float is called pumice. Pumice can float because it is full of air bubbles.


I still want to know more about Diamonds on Wikipedia.

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