Quinton S

Rockhound - What I Learned in this Unit


1.I learned that there are three types of rocks. The three types of rock are Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary. These rocks are found in different places.


2.I learned that there are two types of mines. The two types of mines are called underground mining and open pit mining. These mines are found all around the world!


3.I learned that Volcanoes form igneous rock. Igneous rock is very hard. Igneous rock is found by all sround the world.


4.I learned that diamonds are the hardest minerals. Diamonds are also very, very expensive. Because diamonds are very, very hard, they are used for cutting things.


5.I learned that the crust is what you’re standing on. If you dig past the crust you will be in the outer core. The outer core is very hot.


What I want to learn


I want to learn how deep the crust goes. I will go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geology to find out.