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Nikki L

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Rockhound - What I Learned in this Unit



1) I learned that Metamorphic Rock was once Igneous or Sedimentary Rock.It takes thousands of years for the rocks to change.The rocks change from heat and pressure.


2) I learned that there are many types of Sedimentary Igneous and Metamorphic Rock.There are many types of Sedimentary and they are Limestone,Slate and Sandstone.There are many Igneos and they are Pumice,Basalt and Granite.There are also Metamorphic Rocks and they are Marble,Slate and Gneiss.


3) I learned that lots of minerals can be found in your house.You can find gold in the rimming of the your mirror.You can find Granite in your watch.


4) I learned that Gemstones are related to my birth month.My Gemstone is Sapphire.Kelseys Gemstone is Opal.


5) I learned that fossils are found in Sedimentary rock. Fossils made over millons of years.Imprints are made of leaves, shells and anything that is pressed really hard and layered.





I would like to learn more about my gemstone to learn more I would go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/gemstones.

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