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Jordan P

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Rockhound - What I Learned in this Unit


1.I learned that volcanoes are formed from plates moving. When the Earths plates shift and move over top of each other it makes mountains and volcanoes. It also makes lots of them cause it goes farther.



2.I learned that erosion wears away rocks. It makes the rock look different. It can wear away the rock until there is no more but it can take thousands to millions of years.



3.I learned that prospectors went to Yukon to search for gold. Prospectors that looked for gold had to pack over a thousand pounds of luggage to get there. Some panned for the gold in the river.


4.I learned that miners use big trucks and machines for open pit mining. Miners use big trucks in open pit mining and they mine with picks in underground mining. In underground mining there is poisonous mineral in the air and there’s a risk of cave ins.




5.I learned that there is a type of floating rock. There is a floating rock that is called Pumice. It has holes in it that are filled with air and it makes it float in water.



What I want to learn about is if there is a different type of mineral on a different planet. To find info I would go to http://en.wikipedia.org and look up minerals

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