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Ericka E

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Rockhound - What I Learned in this Unit


1.I learned that Metamorphic Rock was Igneous or Sedimentary Rock. It is formed by extreme heat and pressure. Metamorphic Rock is hard. It is also found in the Rocky Mountains.


2.I learned that fossils are formed over thousands of years. They are formed in Sedimentary Rock. They are an imprint of something living long ago.


3.I learned that Limestone can be used to make chalk. Limestone is also Sedimentary Rock. It forms from cemented layers of sediments getting pressed together.


4.I learned that rocks can float. The rock that floats is called Pumice. It is also Igneous Rock.


5.I learned that dimonds are the hardestminreal. They are bueatiful. They are also clear.


I want to learn how large the earth is.

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