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Drayden A

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1.I learned that lots of mierals can be found.

Minerals is used in many ways.

Diamands are are the hardist mineral.



2.I learned that There is many types of Igneous rock.

When lava with gas cools quickly it forms pumice.

When lava cools slowly it forms granit.


3.I learned that mining is very dangerous.

Under grownd mining is very dangerous mine is any place large or small where humans have excavated the earth to.

Open pit mining is not as dangerous.


4.I learned that A rock can float

it can float with the little holes in it.

It mite be easy to find.



5.I learned that worms are important to the earth.

The worms eat the earth.

Earth worms dig in the earth.





I want to learn more about volcanos and I will go to


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