Chantelle L

Rockhound - What I Learned in this Unit


1.I learned that lots of minerals can be found in your house. Some staircases are made of marble. Your bath tub has


2.I learned that limestone can be used to make chalk. You can use chalk to write. Limestone is a sedimentary rock.


3. I learned that fossils are formed over thousands of years. fossils are the imprint of any object. They are formed in sedimentary rock.


4.I learned that sedimentary rock is made from seabeds. Sedimentary rocks include common types such as chalk, limestone, sandstone, and shale. These rocks are very useful for building and architecture.


5.I learned that Diamonds are the hardest rock. you can get them cut and pollished. They look nice for jewelery.



I want to learn more about the softest rock talc.